Hi. I’m
Corey Hayes.

I help visionary entrepreneurs with digital marketing so the can realize their dreams and shape a better future for themselves and their communities.

About Me

My journey as an agency owner spans over 20 years where we transformed Get X Media into a $50 million revenue generator for clients.

I envision a future where entrepreneurs can realise their dreams and craft successful, balanced lives with ease and automation. By introducing AI to many of the digital marketing processes we use in our agency, I now empower business owners in a new way.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Effortless strategy simplified and delivered in minutes.

I help entrepreneurs simplify their brand and marketing strategy so they can be easily understood and effectively execute multi-channel marketing efforts.


Digital Marketing Management

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Digital Marketing Courses

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My Clients

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Tobias Van Hale

Creative Director at Pelem Studio

Lets Work Together

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